GENUINE WOMEN's ambition is to showcase and bring together creative, authentic women entrepreneurs who want to realize themselves and take their projects further.

Because the path of entrepreneurship is as exciting and stimulating as it is complex and full of doubts, GENUINE WOMEN wishes to offer you an accessible network allowing to meet, share and create synergies.


106/5000 Women with projects who want to achieve themselves, both professionally and personally.

Dynamic and authentic women who have decided to live by their passions and to believe in their dreams, or who wish to get started but who have not yet taken the step and that the energy of such a network will carry and inspire.


Bring together to share and foster the creation of collaborations and partnerships. Together, we are stronger and we go further!

Offer visibility. On the one hand, through the site that offers a showcase and that highlights the entrepreneurs and their activities. Each member has their own page which also allows them to be contacted live. On the other hand, thanks to the radio column on One Fm every Monday morning that highlights the initiative of a woman entrepreneur and finally, through the project GENUINE MAGAZINE. 1st magazine Suisse Romand free for women entrepreneurs.

Support project leaders in the development of their activities by offering workshops and benefits to help them and facilitate their entrepreneurial path.