Terms and conditions


GENUINE WOMEN is a dynamic network of women entrepreneurs, creative and authentic. Through events and workshops, the network aims to promote exchanges, create partnerships and collaborations between women to promote the success of their projects.

The network is open to all women wishing to develop their network and create synergies.


When registering via the membership form, the candidate expresses her willingness to join the GENUINE WOMEN network and accepts the present general conditions.


Membership in GENUINE WOMEN is effective under the following two cumulative conditions:

Emilie Hawlena (or a member of her team)   reserves the right to request additional information, to accept or reject applications submitted to her.


Upon acceptance of the application and the annual payment (or the first monthly payment), the candidate obtains membership.

The membership contract consists of the application form, the general conditions and the letter of confirmation of membership.

Membership entitles you to access to GENUINE WOMEN’s services exclusively reserved for them.


By joining, the member will have privileged access to the website on which his profile will be highlighted by means of a descriptive page.

Members will have access to events and meetings organized by GENUINE WOMEN as well as the various benefits offered by the network.


The affiliated member of GENUINE WOMEN pays an annual fee of CHF 390.- per year, which starts on the day the payment is received by the member. Network registration is a one-year commitment and can not be terminated during the year.

The member has the possibility of monthly payment of his contribution and to pay an amount of CHF 39.- per month.


The presence of the member in the proposed activities is not mandatory. He regularly receives newsletters and invitations.

The member agrees to:

Communicate complete information when registering and submit any changes; have an attitude compatible with the goals of the GENUINE WOMEN network; respect the other members at all times (non-judgmental) and ensure a positive and dynamic image of GENUINE WOMEN; respect the basic rules of courtesy and etiquette; Behave kindly and loyally towards other members (non-competitive).

The soliciting of customers from other members (advertising or otherwise) using e-mail addresses, post or through Facebook or Instagram groups “GENUINE WOMEN” is strictly prohibited and contrary to the purpose of the network.


GENUINE WOMEN undertakes to protect users’ personal data and to use it strictly in connection with the services offered in the membership contract and on the website.

The member agrees that GENUINE WOMEN uses the personal data provided to send him new offers and newsletters about GENUINE WOMEN.

When registering with the membership form, the member must indicate explicitly (by means of a check box which concerns only this point) if he / she agrees that his / her details (surname, first name, address, telephone, e-mail, project, industry and website) appear on a database accessible to all members only.

These data are transmitted electronically to each member after accession. It is strictly and strictly forbidden to transfer this list to third parties, under pain of sanctions.

This database is intended to serve the purposes of the network, that is to say to allow to create synergies between the different members. In any case, it must not be diverted to solicit (through brochures or advertising mail) members as a potential clientele to sell the products or services of the member. This would contravene the spirit of the GENUINE WOMEN network which is not to offer a clientele (made up of members of the network) but to create synergies.

The member may request at any time that their data be no longer used.


The name GENUINE WOMEN, the logo, as well as all derivative products, information, images, databases and contents published on the website, are protected by copyrights and other intellectual property rights belonging to GENUINE WOMEN or its partners.

Any modification, duplication, alteration, publication, transmission to third parties or other use of the works and protected contents without prior written authorization from GENUINE WOMEN are prohibited.

Emilie Hawlena, GENUINE WOMEN, however, authorizes the use of the name GENUINE WOMEN and the logo – in the exact dimensions and forms presented in Appendix I – by its members as a reference to identify the latter as belonging to the network (see Appendix I).

The use of the name GENUINE WOMEN and the logo to sell or offer the member’s own services or products is strictly prohibited.

The use of the name GENUINE WOMEN and the logo as a sign of belonging to the network does not confer any right of use or acquisition of intellectual property rights other than the use provided for in these terms and conditions.

By approving these terms and conditions, the member recognizes Emilie Hawlena, GENUINE WOMEN, as the owner of the intellectual property rights and will not do anything that is contrary to them.

In case of termination and regardless of the party who terminates it, it is strictly forbidden to continue to use the name GENUINE WOMEN and the logo. The use should stop immediately.


GENUINE WOMEN reserves the right to, at any time, modify, suspend or close its website. Despite the desire to provide a service without technical disturbances, updating or development work may have an impact on the use of the site and cause irregularities or interruptions in its access.

GENUINE WOMEN offers no guarantee regarding the availability of the site or any loss of data during these interruptions.

Links to other websites of third parties, not operated by GENUINE WOMEN, are present only for the convenience of the user. However, their operators are solely responsible for their content.


The membership of the GENUINE WOMEN network is concluded for a period of one year and is tacitly renewed from year to year.

The parties may terminate (freely and without cause) the subscription at least 15 days in advance for the end of the subscription year. The contribution will not be refunded even if the member has stopped using benefits during the year.

Any member not respecting these terms and conditions may be terminated by a written warning by e-mail. In the case of more serious breaches by the member, the membership may be terminated with immediate effect, particularly in the event of misuse of the database, the transmission thereof to third parties, solicitation of customers from members or attitudes that could be characterized as acts of unfair competition to the other members or the “GENUINE WOMEN” network itself.

The member can not claim a partial refund of his annual subscription.

In case of non-payment of the membership fee, the membership contract will be deemed terminated after two reminders sent by e-mail. In any case, the amount of membership is due until the termination.


These general conditions complete the registration form and form an integral part thereof. When registering, the candidate certifies having read it.

GENUINE WOMEN reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions. The applicable conditions are those currently in force.


Any dispute is subject to Swiss law and will be preceded by an attempt at prior mediation.
If the dispute is not resolved within 60 days after the appointment of the mediator, it shall be submitted to the ordinary courts of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.