What exactly is GENUINE WOMEN?

Above all, it is a RESEAU, a community of women entrepreneurs and project leaders who pull themselves up and help each other. The network allows you to meet people who share the same values, go in the same direction and with whom you will be able to share and co-create. It also allows you to gain visibility because you will meet many people and make them discover your project, products or services. The more the adventure progresses, the more the network also becomes an accelerator. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops, conferences or permanences that will allow you to find tools to develop your activities.


It’s not an incubator, it’s not coaching, it’s not coaching.

You will find within the network members who have these skills but GENUINE WOMEN does not offer a recurring follow-up of the development of your activities. Within the network, we put a lot of tools in place that you will be free of activity when you want and if you want. The Genuines are self-sufficient.

Do I have the profile to become a member of GENUINE WOMEN? There are two important criteria for becoming a GENUINE:

  • Carry a project – whether it’s already in operation or not. Whether your project is already an active company or “still” a dream
  • Carry the network’s values: Authenticity, benevolence, sharing, solidarity, non-judgment, non-competitionWe meet every future Genuine. Don’t hesitate to attend a free information session to get to know each other, discover the network, its missions and have a first Genuine experience.

    But if my project is not completely defined and I feel that it is just a crazy idea?

    It doesn’t matter, quite the contrary. Joining GENUINE WOMEN will allow you to be surrounded by energizing, inspiring people who will help and support you. You will build your network and meet future partners among others. You will no longer feel alone on your entrepreneurial path.

What does membership entitle me to?

  • Membership offers access to a network of more than 700 women entrepreneurs in 9 cities in French-speaking Switzerland, providing 700 opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, exchanges, sharing, etc. A real energizing and motivating community. Completed the loneliness of the entrepreneur! You have 700 allies.
  • Access to more than 20 events per month throughout French-speaking Switzerland. Events of different sizes and objectives: From Breakfasts, GENUINE NIGHTS, workshops to masterminds, conferences, etc.
  • Access to private focus groups on Facebook
  • Boost your visibility (make your product or service known to 700 people), TonGENUINE profile on the site visited by more than 5000 people per month.
  • Access to network partners that offer discounts to Genuines.
  • A professional portrait photo (if you wish) at each GENUINENight.

    Can I go to all the events on the network even if they’re not in “my zone”?

    Of course! And that’s the goal! GENUINE WOMEN membership gives you access to EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING! Geneva, Neuchâtel, Paris or New York (Dream big!) By registering, you join the network as a whole!

    Can I leave the network during the year?
    Registration is a commitment for a current year (from registration day

    until the same day -1 of the following year) Ex: from 25.05.19 to 24.05.20.
    Membership does not terminate during the course of the year except in exceptional cases (e.g. moving to

    Abroad) – See the terms and conditions.

    And if I live outside Switzerland, can I become a member?

    No problem, together we are stronger! You’re welcome!